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Francis Capra from New York


This week I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting my family back East. I somehow managed to book the role of an intimidating gang leader with a “cage fighter physique” on an early episode of Blue Bloods, airing sometime in September.

Now we all know I’m no stranger to the whole gang leader thing (I actually forgot the name of the show when checking in at CBS Radford!) but when I sized up the other choices present at the audition, I couldn’t help but tell myself to take this one with a grain of salt. I have been making the rounds this year, scoring a dozen or so
auditions for very similiar roles, however this particular one called for a specific body type/look. I was positive that a friend of mine would just blow everybody else out of the water (including me) and even told him this on the way out.

Alas, my old saying regarding the casting process: “This is God’s Game.” has clearly rang true. My girlfriend and I shared quite a laugh the night before going on tape, “With my luck, I will probably get this thing, since it’s a local hire and having to travel to New York on a moment’s notice, PLUS bounce around the city in and out of hotels will be EXACTLY the kind of job I need right now.”

Well kid, ya got what you asked for.

As time goes on, I think I’ve located the pulse of destiny which I believe exists inside the casting room. I had this vague sense that I was just a little ahead of everybody else, despite being severely outmatched in terms of what the breakdown stated was required for the role. I woke up just a little earlier that day, I studied less, barely rehearsed. (about half a page of dialogue in the 2 scenes I was to read)

But somehow, when I fell into my habit of pacing like a tiger outside of the casting office while Nora looks at me like I’m a lunatic, or darting in and out of the bathroom to pretend to wash my hands, only to spit my dialogue at rapid speed in the bathroom stall, I felt this unusual calm. I normally get a burst of courage just moments before slating, but this was different.

It was like a quieting warmth, I never know if I’m going to be the best there is, but on this day, I really knew I was giving the best I have.

As quick as it came, as quick as they all do, it was over even quicker.

It never occurred to me that I would remember this role forever, due to what it would enable me to accomplish in my personal life. I received an offer for the role the next day, a Friday. Unfortunately, that’s when the part of my job that is normally the easiest became a logistical nightmare.

I was told to be in New York by Tuesday the latest, which gave me about one business day to get my finances in order and figure out where I was staying for the next 10 or so nights. Despite the stress, I was grateful to have such a wonderful problem.

After about a dozen phone calls to my incredible team at MSI Management, I had everything I needed for my trip. At this point all I needed to do was to call my Uncle and tell him which terminal to pick me up at the lovely hour of 5:30 AM.

I’ve been in New York since Thursday, sleeping at my grandparent’s house in New Jersey.

These last 4 days have been some of the most amazing, rewarding, simply magnificent days of my life.

I have never felt so admired, so humbled, so loved or so proud in all of my adult life. I am truly blessed to be able to be a part of such a unique and special Family. In my career, the rewards are endless, everyone knows the money is ridiculous. But the bonus that this project provided: The chance to repair the results of years spent away from the people I love most, was simply priceless.

It just so happens that turning 27 marks the year that a lot of the most important men and women from my childhood will enter their 50’s, 60’s or 70’s. Now, this is something that has caused me quite a headache. My mother has now picked up the habit of reminding me that she is 50 years old, when she is not.

Before I left, I started to write a note to leave with my grandparents,
at the time of writing this I haven’t quite finished it, but here is a part that I would like to share with you all:

If there is Divine Design,
behind a Family chain,
then truly,
we are all gifts in a line,
the pressures and weights of our lives,
while they might shift time to time,
just like links in a chain,
we bear the tension together,
I hold my brothers and sisters in place,
and my parents hold mine.

I gain both my strength and my name,
from my parents who birth me,
and support me with their grace,
most have just just a mother and father,
some less,

But I am a special case.
My father’s loss, I mourn,
but when I look upon my mother,
surely a Woman so great,
did more then her part, still to this day,
she filled my father’s place.

I have made it this far, so I can only go farther,
with a family like mine, who’s love is so great
this year I’ve gained a brother and sister,
2 mothers and fathers,
never again will I be afraid,
to leap for my dreams with no rope to hold me,
no, that is not what they’ll throw me, I will be saved
by a chain.

I worried a decade away, could not be regained,
was not there when I could be,
and for that I am ashamed.
But when my worries were worst and I thought I would break, I came home to my family
and they shared in the strain.
I never imagined so much, was always right here to claim,
I gained a brother and sister, 2 mothers and fathers, all in a matter of days.


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