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Q&A with francis capra


Hello Everybody! I’m so happy to see such great questions! First off I would like to thank Anita SO much for putting this site together. If you have ever met me at a convention, I hope you already  know how much I appreciate all the support people have given me since VM and I will never have enough time to truly thank all of you.

I’m going to try to keep this first session of questions as brief as possible. Some of you may be thinking "Uh Oh, this is gonna take awhile, Francis can talk a lot."  Don’t worry, I do have a keyboard in front of me and I can type much faster than I can talk. I’m not going to pull any punches here and I’m going to keep every answer as honest as possible. I really hope you guys enjoy this and continue to return to the site. I’ve taken long enough to answer these so lets get right into it.

What do you do aside acting; go bowling, watch The Simpsons, jog …? You must do more than act, get new tattoos, shave and play World of Warcraft, right?

I know this is hard to believe, but you pretty much pegged my free time with the last 3 things. I think people expect actors to have much more physical, athletic activities in their spare time. I didn’t really grow up that way, so it never really caught on. I have always been a bookworm, the same for my sister. Nothing makes me happier than a good night at Barnes & Noble where I find everything I’m looking for and quickly consume each new title by the end of the month. Sci-fi, Fantasy, Biographies, I can’t live without these (Christie Golden, Dan Abnett, James Swallow and Al Pacino have penned some of my recent favorites).

I watch a little bit of TV. The invention of DVR, ironically, has completely destroyed any chance of me keeping up with any particular show. I record a bunch of stuff and watch it now and then. Talk Soup, Syfy Originals, anything from my long list of films that I like to just have on while I’m playing WoW. Netflix is pretty awesome, I stream my movie queue to my Xbox 360, these are the times I get most of my movie watching done. These days, if I don’t have an audition or a meeting regarding acting, its pretty much Family > Work > WoW for me.

In short, I’ve always been sort of a habitual person. I’m not sure if that’s the right term. To explain, I go through long periods of doing the same thing everyday. It can change drastically, but it’s mostly dependent on my financial situation. I remember while working on VM, I spent my free time very differently. I literally was never home, I still read books, but only in my trailer. I would still play WoW, but no more than an hour or so a day and only when I was angry at my girlfriend. I was heavily into fitness, hated the gym but loved working with free weights and calisthenics. I went to dinner at my favorite restaurant, a lot. Sometimes every single day. I went to the movie theatre, a lot. I went to the mall and bought tons of clothes, a lot.

I had a huge group of friends that had been there for me when times were rough, so when money was seemingly no longer a problem for me, they naturally were there to how shall I put this: Spend my money. I was pursuing a rap career during VM as well, so I spent a lot of time in studios recording the only music I had any passion for: Street music. (I’m avoiding the term "Gangster Rap" because it sounds stupid. If I start explaining this I will go off into a million other subjects, so I’m going to stop right here.) Now you might read this and say "Wow, that kind of free time doesn’t sound too bad at all, why does he sound like he regrets it?" Not at all, I was living my life to the fullest and loving every minute of it. But hindsight is 20/20 and if I could choose between my lifestyle then and my lifestyle now, it’s a no-brainer for me.

I think if someone who knew me were to read all of that they would probably say "Duh Francis, you were 22, you were growing up." I’d say they were probably right, but only half right. The reason I have fell so deeply in love with WoW and put such a great deal of time into it is because it is sort of a link with the way life was for me 5 years ago. Right around the time most of the people reading this first saw me on Veronica Mars was also the first time in my life where I was 100% sure I would be successful as an actor. It was a proverbial maelstrom, take a kid who was never really sure if he could be an actor and put the weight of the world on his shoulders, let it crush him a bit, then all of a sudden lift it off of him out of nowhere and put it all in his hands. Hopefully people can read that last sentence a few times until it makes sense.

I am finally finding out what truly matters to me in terms of my career and my future. I have discovered new passions for music which would SHOCK some of the people I grew up with. I have found out things about acting that I simply cannot wait to bring to work with me, since once I am able to show people what I am now capable of, I don’t think I will ever have to audition for a role again :). By slowing my personal life down and just doing the things I enjoy, I have also seen who my true friends are. It may not sound too exciting, but being the real Me instead of the one people expect to see, has helped me figure out a lot of things that I think were holding me back, both in acting and in life.

So, uh, how does this relate to what I do in my spare time and how could I possibly answer such a simple question with such a dramatic and elaborate response? Well, I feel sometimes like I have to defend my current lifestyle to folks when they ask me how I spend my free time. No one believes me! If my career were to pick back up to say, HALF of the intensity as VM, I’m not so sure if I could get by spending 15 hours a day on WoW. However, it is a choice actors make when they lead such demanding lives. When you really think about it, acting affords a tremendous amount of free time. I don’t care how famous you are or how much money you are making. If you aren’t working on that film you don’t HAVE to go to those parties or those premieres, sometimes your absence can spark as much buzz as your presence.

In this digital age, it is totally possible to network and develop new relationships without constantly being in the public eye and portraying this high-speed-never-have-a-minute-to-myself lifestyle that so many actors get caught up in. The next time I land a series, you can expect me to be playing WoW just as heavily as I do now. But I probably will shave more. I also need to get back to those free weights. If there is anything I could benefit from picking back up, its a curling bar. πŸ˜›

Do people often recognize you on the streets? When they do, which of your roles do they most often refer to? Do they go, "Hey, you’re that guy, Weevil from Veronica Mars, right?" or "I remember you, you’re that man from a few episodes of Heroes!?"

It’s really so random, I can go weeks without getting recognized. It may also be that I am very selective about where I hang out, go to eat, etc. One of my favorite places to go in L.A is Universal City walk. My favorite restaurant (I’m not gonna say it because my mother hates the food) is there as well as a comic book shop that I have loved since I was a boy. I think most people may be thrown off by what I look like, you’d be surprised how many people think my tattoos are fake. I consider myself a very approachable person so I would hope this isn’t the case.

It has been awhile since I had a heavy presence on TV, I used to get mobbed out in San Diego during season 2 of VM, when I say mobbed I mean this is when I discovered my heavy love for WoW. I’m not for a minute going to pretend like I don’t love to hear people gushing over Weevil or asking to take pictures with me. But uh.. My girlfriend at the time really didn’t. In fact, I think its safe to say she absolutely hated it. I don’t think I have ever once been upset by a fan who recognized me, asked for an autograph or a picture. People are usually so nervous or so excited that its honestly very funny.

Of course, you have different fans for different shows/films. VM fans are the most numerous. I can never figure out how its possible but some people recognize me from A Bronx Tale or Free Willy 2. This is very flattering, because even I will admit I was a very handsome young man, :). I also get recognized from Crank very often, which is depressing. It is almost always women who approach, usually with something like "Excuse me, my friend is over there and she is way too embarrassed to ask you, but we loved you in Crank/Veronica Mars icckkelleghhahahaomg can I take a picture with you hahahaha?" This usually makes my day because its wonderful to know that I mean so much to people, whether I am on a show or not.

I do have to say that when men recognize me its a totally different situation. I’m never quite sure if I’m about to get into a fight or if they know me from somewhere or something stupid. I’m learning to get over that though. Naturally the male audience I have gathered over the years isn’t the typical moviegoer or forum poster. That being said, I have had the opportunity to talk with some real life gang members who probably would have been an enemy of mine had we met under different circumstances. It is very rewarding to connect with people regarding my performance, maybe hear about something I did that touched them and to hear that they appreciate it and will always remember it. Fans are awesome.

You go to a coffeehouse; what do you drink? (Remember: Bad boys don’t drink smoothies) And when you go to a bar, what do you start with? A beer?

A coke. If I’m feeling like I need to lose weight, which is basically every other day. A diet coke. If I’m worried about getting kidney stones again. A Sprite. As far as liquor… I discovered a drink in NYC at my sister Chanel’s premiere for In The Mix called a 900.. I haven’t had one of those in forever, since it doesn’t take more than 2 or 3 to light me up for the entire night. I don’t drink for taste, I drink to get drunk. My drink of choice has always been a double Hennessey & Coke. However, these days I am a complete lightweight and I rarely ever drink. Surprising, I never drank alcohol regularly until around 22. Of course, no one believes me when I say that.

Did you ever play sports when you were young? Soccer, football, anything? How did you do?

I was on a flag football team for about 5 days when I was a boy. I bit one of the kids on the other team when he tackled me.  I was removed from the team. I took Taekwondo during  A Bronx Tale but it was honestly a bunch of kids from Queens with cheesy feet kicking their fathers in the shins. No, sadly I have never ever been into sports. I had a brief affair with boxing during my teenage years but I just got my ass kicked. The only thing I can say I have ever really enjoyed doing was weight training.

I would love to get into MMA, but it kind of sounds cheesy since every actor my age says that. The reason it attracts me is because it seems like in a real life situation MMA fighters have the kind of knowledge it would take to TRULY defend oneself against any hand to hand threat. I have been in fights my entire life but the truth is I have been getting my ass kicked by about 4 or 5 guys my entire life. I have only seen a few one on one fights and they almost always ended badly or they were just a prologue to the true battle: a Gunfight. It’s kind of sad but this kind of thinking is what led me to discover my passion for Firearms and led to a brief period during VM where I took shooting lessons at American Shooting Center in San Diego. I don’t have the best vision in the world but I was pretty damn good with a Glock .30 and a Glock .17.

However, there is hope for me yet when it comes to sports..

…the inevitable rise of E-SPORTS!!!!!!! I’m the Mickey Mantle of Rogues and the Mike Tyson of Death Knights.

Are you into Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, or any other ongoing fantasy with movies and books?

Harry Potter.. No.

Narnia… No.

Lord of the Rings. Ok, I actually cry during The Two Towers. Not even kidding. It goes like this for me, Star Wars > Lord of the Rings > The World of Warcraft series in terms of monumental epic films. I am saving a spot for the World of Warcraft films because I know they are coming and I have been saying for years that they will be the Star Wars for the next generation.

LOTR has over and over helped me realize what it is I love about acting and storytelling in general. I was a fan of the books years before the films and just answering this question is making me want to put on Fellowship and start a LOTR marathon as we speak. Not many people know this but I actually auditioned for Sam alongside Elijah Wood when the films were in their infancy. When I say alongside I walked out of the room and he walked in. Oh what could have been! Most of all what it takes to get me hooked in a fantasy story is a hero beset by overwhelming evil, against all odds.

LOTR is special because of so many reasons, the themes that I will never forget:: Gandalf for some reason fills me with thoughts of my grandfather, my sister, my mother and God, all rolled into one. Sam and Frodo remind me of my girlfriend and I. (Yes, I must be very confident in my heterosexuality to even admit that) Gollum reminds me of myself. Sauron reminds me of myself. Man, I can talk about this forever.

This honestly has to be the most dangerous question yet because my mind is all over the place with what I should type next.

Fantasy books???? Arrrgh too much information.. flooding.. brain.. fingers cannot keep up. Warhammer 40,000, I have read everything from the Gaunts Ghosts series to the Eisenhorn Trilogy to the entire Horus Heresy line all the way up to Fulgrim (Fulgrim was a book which led to one of the biggest spiritual discoveries in my personal life, I rank it as one of the top 10 books I have ever read. I also named my Undead Rogue Fulgrim because of this book.) The Ravenloft series was something I almost got hooked on, I, Strahd was an incredible book for me many years ago. My sister Chanel was a huge influence on me as a boy and so I had a slight interest in the Anne Rice series but the bug never officially bit me. I am a gigantic Vampire fan.

Wait, by movies and books are we talking comics too? Because you might as well meet me at Starbucks or something because this is honestly going to take all night. I haven’t even begun to talk about Warcraft or Starcraft novels. The Aliens series (H.R Giger) would have to be one of the 5 biggest influences on me as a boy as far as the things I would grow to love and identify with in all fantasy/sci-fi. I give up. I can’t even keep track of the gazillion things going thru my head. Hopefully I listed enough to give you an idea. πŸ™‚

What was it like working with Kristen again on Heroes? Did you get to spend some time together too? We saw some behind the scenes footage that seemed like it went well.

You saw behind the scenes footage? Really? I didn’t even know cameras were on set. Kristen… You know, Kristen and I haven’t really had time to sit down and talk since Season 2 of VM. By that time I don’t think she was in the mood to talk and I know I really wasn’t feeling up to it. I can honestly say that I love Kristen and she will always represent a time in my life which can only be described as miraculous, a dream come true. It saddens me to think about how brief it was the last time we worked together since I went from seeing Kristen almost every day to seeing her twice through out my entire stint on Heroes. Again, we have not had the chance to go to dinner or catch up since VM. I know I will be seeing her again soon though.

To be honest, every time Kristen and I are together we are usually going through a lot of shit with our other halves. I’m not gonna bullshit here, I was in the middle of the worst of my relationship with my girlfriend right around the same time Kristen was going through some hard times herself. I don’t think this translated well into our friendship but I do think it somehow translated well on camera. In this industry, you sometimes have to be content with the fact that the industry is small, and if you are true friends you know you will see each other again soon. I love Kristen, she’s a boss.

What is your favourite thing about World of Warcraft?


I’m cracking my knuckles.

The Lore. The Competition. I discovered the Warcraft franchise thru my mother, who bought me Warcraft: Orcs and Humans when I was, I don’t know, 10 years old? At the time my family had just picked up on a whim to film a CBS series in California (which would then lead to Kazaam.) called My Guys. I had always been really interested in electronics. At the time, the internet was kind of a secret to everybody around me but I knew there was something about PC gaming. I don’t know if it was Doom or Wolfenstein 3D, but one of these games got me off of my Dreamcast/3D0/Playstation entertainment center and on to my PC to install Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. I played through the entire campaign, and I was just hooked. I remember feeling like I should play as the Humans, since I was naturally attracted to the Orcs but felt that I would beat the game too quickly and wanted the experience to last forever.

I identified immediately with Medivh. I had always been a fan of the bad guy as a boy. I’m not sure why. Medivh represented something different though, I don’t know if it was revealed to me then or if I am retconning the lore myself here, but I somehow knew that he wasn’t the true evil present. Something about this game told me that there was so much more to be told. It was so immersive (is that a word?) compared to any other games I had played. But this was an RTS! I would later jump into a Command and Conquer phase but not for long, something always brought me back to the Warcraft franchise.

By the time Tides of Darkness was released by obsession was already in full swing. I was a big fan of Gul’dan, the shadow council, the expanded lore behind The Burning Legion, most of all, my favorite character was introduced: Ner’zhul. As I had mentioned earlier, my family had moved out to California to further pursue my career, so although I was rich in terms of my hobby, I was kind of short in friends. I had been homeschooled for a large part of my childhood but my mother made sure that I had kids my age around to play with. Naturally, these kids had no idea what Warcraft was nor did they ever consider that their PC, (the weird thing their Dad sat in front of when he came home from work), could be used for Gaming. This is when I discovered the Null Modem, or Serial Cable. I did my best to coerce my friends off of their skateboards and bicycles and into their Dad’s office, where I would bring my laptop and connect to their PC via Null Modem. I would then destroy them in 1 on 1 matches with my Bloodlusted Ogres and Death and Decay spam. This would later prove to be the key behind the longevity I found in the franchise: A love for the lore, with the endless replayability that only a multiplayer experience can provide.

So on and on it went, as I got older, I had a strong affair with Diablo, Starcraft, Brood War, MechWarrior, Jedi Knight (one of the best FPS games ever, next to Goldeneye for the N64). But I kept a strong connection to the Warcraft franchise through a service called, a program which somehow mimicked a IPX function on your PC allowing you to host games over the net, for a $20 membership fee. Here is where I started my first clan, ~WW~, we set up matches over ICQ and IRC chat and played for hours every day. I learned to love these guys like true friends even though I never met them in real life and as time went on and my personal life got a little rough, they were always there for me. But Life does happen, so as soon as I discovered Agnes Bruckner, Warcraft became a little boring for a few years. At least, until Warcraft 3 was released!!! πŸ™‚

WC3 was the first game I actually stole something for to be able to afford, which is a testimony to how badly I needed this game in my life. Of course, as I grew up around bigger and badder kids, the danger of stealing would become less and less of an issue, I can remember having a BURNING desire to play this game, unlike any other. In the end, I wound up chickening out on the plan of theft to get the new PC required to run WC3 and purchase the game. Instead, my mother somehow came up with the money to surprise me with a brand new Gateway PC and somehow knew to pick up Warcraft 3 a week after its release! I had never asked her for it, nor did I ever think she would KNOW just how much of a fan I was of the series.

My mother is the most amazing woman on the planet, by the way. This is where I first discovered what it is exactly about gaming that I truly enjoy. The sense of accomplishment. If you have ever spoken with me about acting at a convention, or at all for that matter, I’m sure you have heard my whole idea of how the actual job is easy, but the audition is hell. I have been acting for 18 years, so I obviously know my way around hell. For every audition I have ever knocked out of the park and booked the role, I have had 1,000 auditions where I failed somehow. This can be really hard on a child, never mind a man. It wasn’t on me.

I tackled games early on with the idea that I was a hero, I could not fail, because there was no other choice, everything was depending on me and I just had to do this, because I don’t know anything else and everyone I love is counting on me. I was Lothar, I was Uther, I was Doomhammer. Later in my life, when I was confronted with problems that no man could or ever will solve, I was Hellscream, Thrall, I was Arthas. These characters weren’t just some RTS gimmicks, these were characters that I either grew up with or were the result of the evolution of characters I grew up with. I’m 26 years old, I may have discovered Emperor Palpatine late, but I met Gul’dan early.

I was around 15 or 16 when WC3 was released, so its pretty accurate to say that a game would have to have something more to it than pretty graphics and complex game play to keep a horny teenager like myself in his bedroom. Thinking about it, I definitely would have had an easier time going through puberty had I spent less time with Agnes Bruckner and more with Sylvanas Windrunner.

In the end, my future first love won all of my time. But just a few years later, I would discover a game like no other. For some reason I had chosen Warcraft to be the story that I would use to help me sort through all of the strange questions I had as a boy. Imagine how surprised I would have been if I knew that I wasn’t the only one who had been ambushed by Chris Metzen so many years ago. Imagine my excitement when I found out that this story would continue, in a way no one had ever seen before and through the actions of players just like me. I can remember when I was beta testing World of Warcraft, reading everyone’s comments on the game, feeling a little angry. I felt like these people had no idea how big this was, the way they were saying that Blizzard was gambling with the franchise, comparing it to Everquest, UO, etc. I knew all along what WoW could be and what it WOULD be, to me. When the game arrived, it was life changing. I was addicted, but didn’t have enough time to play! This was right around the time when my career had got a huge boost, I had just got a new manager and my first audition for VM was right around the corner. I literally split my life between my career and my hobby, with my relationship with my girlfriend somewhere in between.

I sometimes felt like I spent too much time gaming, but oh how wrong I was. Looking back, the times I made the worst mistakes were when I was NOT playing WoW. I felt pressured to do all sorts of things that I saw other actors doing, but I just didn’t have a passion for. Most people already know that I am not a method actor by any means, I have never been to an acting class and I can try really hard to make what I do sound complex, but it isn’t. I just do it. There was a gap of free time in my life and all along WoW was there to fulfill it. When it wasn’t, well, let’s just say the things I was doing outside of WoW weren’t too good. Then, TBC was announced. The magazines started exploding with press about how WoW was the new craze. I started hearing people on set talk about it. People started asking me if I played. What? DO I PLAY??

All of a sudden I felt like I had to do something, do something fast. I felt old, like I had aged about 10 years. Something that was so special to me, was being revealed to the whole world, I had to have something to do with it! I had to let people know. I decided I was going to approach this not as a game, but as a hobby, as a sport. I joined the best guild on my server at the time and tried desperately to excel. I failed, I bought gold. I deleted characters, I started new ones. I quit WoW. I started playing again, then I quit again. I couldn’t play it casually, it was all or nothing. All the while my career continued to prosper, but when I came home from work, I was never as happy as I was when coming home to WoW.

While this may sound like a very dramatic, short biography of my life, its only a brief glimpse into the experience I’ve had with this game. Obviously, I would return around the release of The Burning Crusade, which was around Season 3 of VM. During my hiatus between Season 2 and 3, my health took a terrible turn (Which, if you think this question had a lengthy response, it would seem like a snippet if I tried to explain my hiatus between S2 & S3). Amidst rumors that VM would be cancelled or not renewed, these were very dark days for me. When faced with tragedy, or difficult times, I usually see things a lot clearer. I knew very well that the very same reason I couldn’t play WoW competitively was now a moot point.

When TBC was about to be released I was pretty much a hermit, coming straight home from work since I was in no shape to hang out in my current condition. I was depressed. I knew I had to do something to take my mind off the fact that I had a ton of talent but was lacking the physical conditions to use it. Anything I could get my hands on to try to scratch that itch, I tried picking up other games, bought an Xbox 360. Nothing could keep my attention for long. I was on shaky grounds as it was with VM, the network was concerned with my physical health and although I was given the best doctors and my recovery was assured, it was obvious that I was frustrated and unhappy if you knew the regular Francis Capra. Well, here’s the best part: I had been dating an incredible woman, my girlfriend Nora, who some people reading this may have met. Somehow I convinced this angel to fall in love with me and better yet, she turned to me one day while in the middle of Frye’s Electronics and asked me if I could teach her how to play WoW. I laughed it off, but since I had been avoiding even thinking about playing WoW competitively again, I figured there would be no harm in it…

A little over 3 years later, I have been playing WoW competitively, 30+ hours a week since TBC release. I have taken 2-3 week breaks at most but nothing has ever kept me away for long. Nora and I have been living together for 3 years and I can honestly say that WoW has been the most incredible thing for our relationship. Having a hobby is one thing, but being able to fully share your hobby with the one you love is.. I can’t even describe it. I currently have 4 level 80 characters and just a few days ago reformed my guild in preparation for patch 3.2. I have cleared all content in game pre Wotlk and my current focus is PVP, going for a Gladiator title in 2v2.

The only thing that can distract me from WoW at this point is Starcraft 2. I have never been as passionate about anything else, WoW being second to acting. I used to be afraid to admit how serious I am about gaming and WoW in particular, until I realized just how much of a positive influence this game has had on me and how deeply I am connected to it. If I could pinpoint a time in my life when I needed an outlet, or I needed something to be able to express myself, there isn’t a time where WoW couldn’t have fulfilled it better than whatever I chose to do in its place. WoW has given me a place to retreat to when the real world was crumbling around me due to my own choices. In this place, my girlfriend has found a similar refuge and we have found dozens of friends while there. The only thing I would change about my experience with WoW would be to have played it MORE a few years ago, with the same type of attitude that I play it today.

At the moment, being unemployed gives me all the time in the world to play which of course I enjoy, but looking back the best times I ever had were when returning from a long day of work, to the hobby I love. I am not sure how a really hectic work schedule would effect my PVE exploits, but I know for sure that when you truly love something, you are always able to make time for it. I often think about when I will stop playing, or if I will ever grow truly disenchanted with the game enough to quit. Then, I often think if an artist ever considers giving up making art, or if an actor ever considers giving up acting. WoW is such a large part of my life, given its nature in that it never ends, the battle between good and evil, the sense of victory I draw from it, that I need so very much. A few days before Anita sent me these questions, Sam Raimi was announced as the director for the World of Warcraft film.

It is the best time to be a WoW fanatic. I am blessed to have found something I truly enjoy, that is as timeless as WoW. So to answer the question, what is my favorite thing about WoW?

Who knows what the future holds.

What would your ideal TV / Movie role be right now?

Teron Gorefiend. Haha, just kidding. Wow, this question is a doozy. I could go on forever and ever. I would love to play a soldier during World War 2. I want to play something very physical, something that requires me to drop all of this WoW-weight that I have accumulated while bouncing from guest-star to guest-star on you-name-it-I-got-arrested-on-it primetime TV. I would also love to play something that required a huge jump for me in terms of character acting. A priest. A lesser extreme would be a police officer.

And by police officer I mean one that actually protects people. Ehhh, maybe a detective would be better.

That being said, I am nowhere NEAR being satisfied with portraying the streets. As many people know, I have a strong history of playing characters from bad neighborhoods, in gangs, etc. I’m definitely sick of playing useless characters, but in no way do I feel I’ve done the streets justice.

When I say streets, I’m referring to a cold, dangerous environment where you have everything you want but nothing you need. That is the street. For some people, it goes even farther where there is a lack of everything you want plus a lack of everything you need.

This almost always stems from a lack of money. In America, there is a large gap separating black and hispanic youth from whites in terms of financial status. I have always been fascinated with portraying this gap and exposing the ugly side of it, unfortunately I have seen the ugly side of it first-hand. By no means have I experienced the worst, but I do feel that I am in a better position, if not the best position, to accurately portray what a black or hispanic male feels when growing up in the streets. My father was a victim of this lifestyle and even though I was raised in a completely different environment, I still suffer from some of the same wants and needs that he did as a child. This is an area that I chose to explore a few years before VM and I somewhat made a career out of it.

It may be time for me to start branching out in to other areas but given the opportunity, I would like to do this type of character justice before I move on to more challenging and perhaps more rewarding roles. I hope I explained myself properly here, its easier to do when you are talking to someone in person since this could be a hot topic for discussion.

Right now, I just want to work. I have a gigantic ego though, so its hard for me to take the really crap roles that I am reading for on a daily basis. I promised a lot of people that I wouldn’t let the Heroes fiasco happen again. I am doing my best.. But uh, I gotta make money.

What are your thoughts on the relationship that Veronica and Eli shared on Veronica Mars? Just friends (maybe even familial, like brother/sister) or could it be something more romantic or sexual?

Haha. Well, I think its obvious that Weevil was in love with Veronica. That being said, I do think it is possible to be in love with someone yet retain some of the natural best-friend brother-sister quality that is part of the process when falling in love. I am no expert on falling in love but I do feel that Nora is my best friend and was long before I ever fell in love with her. I think Weevil and Veronica started out as enemies, or "frenemies" I think is the term I read in some teenybopper magazine.

Somewhere down the line Veronica became Weevil’s homegirl, somebody he could rely on in the street and definitely someone he thought about sexually. I’m not trying to sound like a perv there but I mean come on. Getting bailed out of jail by a girl from your high school is one thing, but Kristen coming to bail you out? You know she had to give him a ride home too, like was my motorcycle at the valet? I was probably tired, emotionally vulnerable, then this beautiful girl comes and bails me out and just drops me off? And this happens a bunch of times? I’m surprised we got through 3 seasons without Weevil breaking down and begging for just one night.

Could have happened, if not for Jason.

Just being honest.

Did you feel relieved or disappointed for Weevil not having any girlfriends in Veronica Mars? Though there was one(short) moment in season one with Lilly(Amanda Seyfried), but even that was only a vision of in Veronica’s head. I mean, everyone had girlfriends/boyfriends in the show, why didn’t they spare Weevil any?

Geez, you guys really wanted me to have sex with somebody huh? Well don’t worry, I was quite the swinger back in the day. Yep, wasn’t ALWAYS playing WoW during season 2 if ya know what I mean……………….Ahem.

I talked about this with Rob Thomas and here’s my take on it:

We started out as a teenage drama with a twist, Veronica was a detective. This gave us a great outlet into sensitive issues and a great pool to draw from given the immense amount of talent you had due to to the casting of the show (especially with the role of Eli "Weevil" Navarro). I don’t know if Rob feels the same way or if many of you do, but I feel like between Season 1 and Season 2, we kind of got neutered in terms of subject matter. I don’t want to point out details here, I’m sure anybody who agrees with me knows exactly what I’m talking about, but I was happy to be left out of the S2/S3 love triangle stuff. I think it left Eli with a lot more depth in S2, since he had way too much stuff on his mind (Felix?) to be worrying with that part of his body. It also left him with only one girl in his eyes when the Cupid struck, see the previous question for a hint.

Which do you enjoy more; playing a villain or a "goodie"? You seem to play more roles of vicious and self-confident men than roles of people who have their heart where it belongs. Do you have a thing for playing bad boys or are you just always cast for roles like them?

Hmm.. I’m not sure how to take this question. What roles are you referring to? If someone were to look at my catalog I would think that they would say I am often playing the vigilante type, or the guy you love to hate, or the Bad guy with a heart. I don’t recall the last time a director ever told me to be more vicious, or even told me to get angrier. Every time I ever tried to bring in a bit of Francis Capra’s viciousness to Weevil, somebody would come out and say "Hey, tone it down a bit, you don’t need to convince us." and I think they were right.  I’m not into playing a psychopathic idiot with tattoos, so it wouldn’t make sense for me to put all of this hatred and malevolence into a 16 year old kid who desperately loves his grandma and still studies his butt off to graduate. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you think I have shown you vicious and self-confident, you haven’t seen anything yet, πŸ˜‰

Although, you could be referring to some crappy stuff I’ve done like Sons of Anarchy where I shot two strippers by accident or something like the OC where I think I stabbed some skater kid with a fork or something stupid like that. Honestly, forgive me for those things, they are terrible and I shouldn’t have done them. I promise when I have made enough of an impact on this industry I will never play roles like that.

I am a firm believer in the idea that in every audience there is a equal ratio of people rooting for the bad guy and people rooting for the good guy, its my job to blur the two however I can and make all of you cheer for me!

I am pro-tattoo in general. That said, as an actor, weren’t you worried that tattoos on your face would be limit the roles you’d be offered? Was there any hesitation before that decision?

No, when I got tatted on my face I was flooded with money and power and alcohol and honestly thought I was going to be a multiplatinum selling rap artist by the time season 2 was over. Srsly.

But yeah, I thought about it. I have wanted tattoos since I was a boy, but my face? I honestly don’t know what the hell I was thinking. I really like them though.

Do you ever go to concerts? If you do, are you a mosher or do you just sit behind and enjoy the music with a drink? 

What is moshing again? I have never been to a concert before, which is kind of sad. I’ve always felt like I would get angry at the people I came to see if they didn’t talk to me and act like they are my friend or something. I’m probably an idiot for never experiencing a concert. If I were to go to one though, I would much rather enjoy the music with a drink, since if I recall correctly moshing is when you jump on other people or something? Not into that. 

Have any bad habits? Name one. Then tell one thing that you’re very proud of doing? For example giving money to the poor and helpless of Africa (:D) once a week.

Really? Ok. Um. Anyone who knows me knows I have a lot of bad habits. First one that comes to mind I’m not going to say. The second is all of the terrible food and soda I consume on a daily basis. The third is saying I’m going to stop consuming all of this terrible food and soda and not doing it.

Something I am proud of doing? Wow. More difficult question please?

I really don’t know what to say. I think I am proud of not being in jail. That’s the first thing that comes to mind.

I am honestly not so proud of myself, hopefully this doesn’t make me sound emo.

I am proud that I am able to recognize that I don’t have much to be proud of and I need to change, right away.

No, seriously when I go to bed at night, I am proud of the relationship I have with my family. I feel like with the kind of environment we have been in the past few years many other families would have shattered. Nothing amazes me more than the power of a family’s love and if I could, I would have everyone experience the feeling I get when my family is together. I do feel that my family is very special and entirely unique in the way we talk, the way we laugh, the things we are able to accomplish. This kind of pride is the foundation that I stand on whenever anything is threatening to break my confidence. I hope to one day establish this kind of bond with my own children and install this same pride in them.

I am also proud of being able to listen to people more when I am in a conversation, this is something I just started working on.

And I am proud of being really good at WoW. I’m actually proud of a lot of things, obviously.

Your latest purchase in clothes? What was it like and what about the price?

Oh my God. I bought some terrible jeans and some Jordans from the Slauson Swap Meet. I used to spend $1500 a week on clothes. Which makes me a moron.

What do you generally eat for breakfast? A pop tart, bagel, toast, cereals? Do you eat breakfast?

I usually skip breakfast. This isn’t good. I need to stop skipping breakfast. I usually have 2 sunny side up eggs with some toast and some pancakes.

If I’m being healthy, some egg whites with some orange juice. 

Name one thing you’re afraid of? 


I heard you’re as much a fan of comics as we are of Veronica Mars. Who are your favorite comic book heroes and villains?

Wooooooooooooooww.. Wall of Text Inc..

Marvel Comics:




Notice I didn’t even think of heroes yet? Well I was going to write an elaborate story on each villain and why I like them. But I feel like it would take forever and I did promise to get all of these questions up on the site by Tuesday sooooo if  you REALLY want to know, send me another question and I will explain.. Thanos is by far the best though, I really have to get back to a comic book store and see if he’s come back yet, last I read he was killed in the Annihilation Saga. Apocalypse is a close favorite to Thanos, definitely my favorite X-men villain. I like Sabretooth a lot too. Shadow King.

Venom was my first comic book obsession, until I got older and I realized he was kinda weak. Carnage too. These 3 villains are in a huge airbrush painting above my bed, so they always come to mind right away. Heroes would be The Hulk, Punisher, and Silver Surfer. I still hate Marvel for allowing that atrocity in the Fantastic Four movie to parade around in a Silver Surfer costume. Also, The Punisher won’t be a good movie until they make a film with me playing Jigsaw.

What’s your favorite animated movie?

Ninja Scroll is awesome, my first WoW guild was called The 8 Devils of Kimon. Hopefully you know what I’m talking about.

Transformers: The Movie is better than both of the live-action movies combined. 

I heard both Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring love to watch Family Guy. Do you watch any comedies like South Park, Family Guy or The Simpsons?

Family Guy is a regular in my DVR, absolutely love that show. I was a fan of the Simpsons about 10 years ago. Never watched South Park, still haven’t seen the famous WoW episode either.

Do you watch any reality shows? If so, which ones?

Ugh… You know what, I’m not gonna lie, Nora loves that one with the Playboy girls and that’s okay with me! πŸ˜› I like to watch them and say to myself, "If these people are working, why are you worried? Go play WoW."  Seriously, some of these people need to be… yeah.

Which do you prefer? Cats or dogs?

The eternal question! I love both. Right now I would like to get a puppy. My bengal cat of 10 years recently passed away. πŸ™

Are you still in touch with anyone from your previous movies or TV shows? If so, whom?

Jason Dohring is the only person who comes to mind. He is obsessed with me, won’t leave me alone.

If I write you a fan letter, will you write me back?

Of course! I may take forever, but that’s because I haven’t started, or once I start writing it it takes me forever because I blab about until I’m exhausted!

What was your best fan experience?

Okay. I need to have like a highlight section on the website for this, because there are too many. Anita has made me feel like the luckiest actor to ever have a fan on more than one occasion. Capone, aka I can’t spell his name because he’s from France, but I think its Yohann is my homeboy. I have shed tears at more than one convention. Some of the people I met out in London the past two years have honestly been amazing. Tamsyn is my homegirl.

I saw the WoW banner on your blog. Do you play Alliance or Horde? What server do you play?

WoW? What’s that? I play Horde, on Mannoroth US. My guild: The Black Raptor Mafia, you can /w Pickmeiheal for recruiting information. We need troops for Ulduar Hard Modes, GO GO!

Is there anything you’d like to tell us?

I feel like I have told you guys too much! I would love to do this every week and maybe get a forum set up! It was so fun answering these questions and I would love to answer some more.

Do you use MySpace or Facebook? What about Twitter? Do you have another account other than the Twitterfeed for this blog?

I do not have a Myspace or a Facebook, or a Twitter. I am starting to think I should, since every single person I know asks me this.

I live in Italy and it is a very beautiful country. Would you like to live somewhere other than the USA?

Yes, I would like to live in Italy!

How can I meet you? Will you do a US convention?

Of course! I am always looking to connect with people that have been supporting me and admire my work, it is truly a blessing to be able to do what I do and all the more rewarding being able to thank the people that make it possible.




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