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UPDATED: Francis Capra Q&A with Neptune Rising


Francis Capra participated in a Q&A with Neptune Rising, which is a group of avid Veronica Mars movie supporters. [A cause I, also, personally support! 😉 ]

UPDATE: Francis has now answered all (or almost all?) the questions for Neptune Rising.

If you would like to read his answers, please go here.

(Once I have permission from Neptune Rising, I will repost the Q&A here, so it’s a little easier to read.)

Thanks again,

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  1. aahh, an other one! 🙂 fits me, I’d love to hear from Francis again for a while. We’ll keep on supportin you, man ! -katy, Finland

  2. Just popped into my mind, I was watching A Bronx Tale and wanted to know more so I looked it up I loved WAtching Veronica Mars and When I found this website I realized Francis also acted in Free Willy 2 and Veronica Mars. Can’t Believe. All My support to you.

  3. I just have to say that you were amazing in veronica mars… I was very disappointed in the smaller role you played in the 3rd season. I also really think that there should be a 4th season for closure, because everything was just left in the air. I don’t think a movie is a good idea, but a 4th season would really work. And Weevil needs a bigger role. Maybe he could like get a chick…

  4. Christine says:

    Hi Francis,

    Do you have a brother named Asa?


  5. Hannah Hayward says:

    Hi, Thank you to Anita for setting this website up. When i was a kid i had such a crush on ‘Elvis’ from Free Willy, then I recently started watching Veronica Mars and loved his character. Been out the loop with what he’s been doing since his ‘Elvis’ days so it’s Nice to be able to learn about him on here. Been waching other shows/movies he’s been in and he’s clearly a very beautiful man but more importantly,so talented, so you just know that with his passion, dedication and raw talent he will be a permanent fixture on our screens.Dont think any females will have any complaints about that 🙂 Good luck with everything, You definantly deserve more recognition for you work, Dont lose that rawness you have 🙂 Continued support here X

  6. (Seize Cash) Saw the video of you spittin in the car, that’s hot boy.

  7. Ill rape you in a duel!

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