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To @50Cent


“@50cent What’s good 50, I can’t sleep either, and for good reason: I just read for Jesse Terrero and Barbara Fiorentino for a project that I will respectfully not name. I have never sent a message like this to anybody in the industry before, and I probably shouldn’t, especially when it could potentially be read accidentally by a million people: But uh, I don’t really care. If by any chance you DO actually read this, it will save me the time needed to gather the composure to say it to you in person: I channeled just a small particle of the torrential STORM that rages in my mind and spirit, in that small audition room today, and while I want to believe with all of my heart that you will see it, my experience tells me there is always a strong possibility that you won’t. I have never had any training, never studied acting, in fact, often when I am asked what exactly is it that I do for a living, I still find myself reluctant to refer to myself as an actor. Because of some poor decisions, like accidentally spending a million or two and going a little overboard on Tattoo’s, I have found myself repeating the same role over and over, something I only recently have found the strength to admit, is entirely my fault. Fortunately, I still consider myself to be one of the best at what I do, which while some people would call it “Acting”, I can only truly describe it as: giving others a glimpse of my life and who I am. Today, I left a very small piece of myself on that tape, as I do on every audition, but only I know just how powerful, or personal that piece is. I wanted to treat this audition like many of the others I have had this pilot season, but as I write this, its clear that I can’t. I’ve been walking on air ever since I became aware of the possibility of working with you, and the inspiration I have gained from the opportunity alone, is truly humbling by itself. I didnt really see the chance, nor did I have the balls to ham it up and say it on tape, but I have been and continue to be a fan of yours since 98′. Saying that, brings back memories of me and my homeboy sitting in his bucket at 2 am, blasting “Ghetto Quran” and dreaming to one day meet you. At the time we felt like we were the only people who knew that you would eventually become the force of nature that you are today. I don’t believe in coincidence, nor do I believe that anyone is bound totally by destiny or fate. It is never too late to change, or to make things right. As an actor of 19 years, I want to tell you that your recent work and particularly, the extreme acts of passion and amazing dedication to the craft, as well as the difficult decisions and efforts you have made to show the world who you TRULY are, have spoke to me deeply, both as an actor and most of all, as a man. The hardest thing I have ever had to do, was to learn how to be myself. When I see someone like you, who, since a teenager, I have regarded as literally one of the hardest mothafuckas to ever live, sacrificing pieces of himself to pursue his dreams: It tells me that If I can learn to do the same, nothing is impossible. Someday, when we do work together, I will remember to thank you for this, God bless.”


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