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Veronica Mars Fans! A VM Movie is happening as long as we can prove we want it! Donate to the Kickstarter Project for the VM Movie now!


The Veronica Mar Movie Project

Here it is. Our one shot to see a Veronica Mars movie happen. We only have until April 12th, 2013 to make it happen, so let’s get to it!

A Message from Kristen:

dearest marshmallows…

I am currently the happiest blonde in a hamster ball the world has ever seen. We have been waiting so long to make this movie dream a movie reality, and it’s because of YOUR commitment, YOUR persistence, that we finally have a chance. We just have one more step to go.

You have banded together like the sassy little honey badgers you are and made this possibility happen. i promise if we hit our goal, we will make the sleuthiest, snarkiest, it’s-all-fun-and-games-‘til-one-of-you-gets-my-foot-up-your-ass movie we possibly can.

I promise to give it my all. i promise to work my hardest to give everyone a little bit more Veronica, and i will be oh so honored to do so.

I only ask for one thing in return.

If I ever die, do me a favor. Go on Oprah and tell the world that I loved kittens.

LoVe to you ALL,

kristen bell

Find us at and Follow us on Twitter @RobThomas and @IMKristenBell and keep checking Kickstarter for more updates and to donate to this project.

(Please donate on Kickstarter at if you want to see this movie happen!)

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