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APPEARANCE: Meet Francis Capra at Comikaze 2011 – November 5th & 6th at the LA Convention Center!


November 5th & 6th, Francis Capra – @franciscapra will be appearing @Comikaze 2011 – The Comic, Anime, Gaming, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Expo at the LA Convention Center!

If you have not had a chance to meet Francis yet, now is your chance! 🙂

Comikaze has a huge amount of fantastic guests, along with gaming tournaments, cosplay and panels lined up, so there is definitely something for everyone, although, as many people know, you won’t need more than Francis to make the Expo worth your time and money. 😀

Comikaze Expo is Los Angeles’ first and only large-scale, multi-media pop culture convention. We bring together the most exciting and innovative in comics, video games, original art, movies, television and more. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled and unforgettable experience for both attendees and exhibitors.

Comikaze embraces all genres, including sci-fi, fantasy, horror and cult—our vendors and panels show similar diversity. We offer something to satisfy every type of convention-goer, from fanboys and gamers to browsers and collectors. Our sanctioned tournaments for video, card and board games feature a wide-range of coveted prizes, including cash awards. Our vendors sell exclusive, rare and limited editions of comics, collectibles, art, toys and other hard-to-find merchandise. Best of all, Comikaze culminates in a masquerade event that partygoers will never forget.

Come one, come all!


Check out for more details!

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